Climbing Up On The Way Down

by Hero Dishonest

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released April 4, 2003


all rights reserved



Hero Dishonest Helsinki, Finland

Hardcore punk from Helsinki, Finland. Active since 1999.

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Track Name: Give Up, Your God's On My Side Too
Both sides pray for their triumph
Take aim to where you believe
A river of blood runs wide in the middle
So far, so close, so what?
Target locked

Praise the lord...
Crises getting solved with bombs
I'll raise the flag to prove you're wrong
I'll hammer this nail down your throat
To prove I'm able

To fear and to hurt
To keep us alert
To keep us from bending, breaking into tears

Praise the mob...
Could you give up that uniform for a minute
Could you lay down that shield for a second
Everyone wants the war to be over
But no one's willing to admit the defeat

And choose to see
The other way
The other life that could be us

It's on both sides
Could you choose again
Could you choose differently
Could you choose again?
Track Name: Nothing Comes Back
Once again we reach the dead end
Something is lost forever
Another species died in extinction
Another irreversible step towards the catastrophe

All those times when we closed our eyes
And turned our heads
From the…
That kept screaming at our faces made of stone

Blood in our hands we beg for mercy
Lying to ourselves that we didn't know
We are so sorry
But there's no-one left to forgive
Who's responsible, who's to blame?
Don't ask if you don't want to know the answer

Don't ask because I don't want to hear the answer!
Track Name: Deadline Twist
Can you laugh at yourself
Tomorrow's never here
Life rushes like head aches
Beyond the walls
Beyond the racket of self loathing
Not happy here
Happy nowhere
The more we get the less we have
Always in need
In need for something real
There's nothing in nowhere to be found

A scar deep enough to reach the soul
A heart cold enough to feed the soil
You can sleep anywhere
You can die any day

So much weight put on what we're doing
Instead of how
Instead of how and why
Vauhti kiihtyy, nälkä kasvaa, tunto pettää
In and out at the same time...

To wear a crown for a chain and a ball
To carry a cross like a trophy
You could sleep anywhere
You could die any day

Not happy here, happy fucking nowhere
Always in need, paranoid in his self esteem
Not being aware, not hearing what you're saying
Is there something in nowhere to be found...
Track Name: Case #1: Rich Kids
We're the rich kids
We can afford to whine
We can afford to complain
We're the rich kids
We can afford, we can afford
To fuck shit up

We can afford to speak with disdain
There's no limits for our words
We can afford to speak with disdain
There's no love in our words

We follow our own path
We do exactly opposite to you
We follow our own minds
And it's exactly opposite to you
Life sucks shit
But we can afford to keep it
Just give me more of this
Track Name: Perspective
Where does it come from
This screaming, unfitting lock upon?
That cannot play these games
Is happiness just a shell for indolence?
Here I sit and smile
When all inside is turning upside down

When all inside is screaming or crying

And does it really matter
(how you look at it)
How honesty prevails amongst the pressure
And unfitting dreams
You keep on hitting yourself against?
It's how you look at it
(where you look at it)

I see just a pile of shit to get rid of

Sometimes so tired of trying
Of pretty problems
Whores in bright light
Unwanted children
With nothing worthwhile to say
If I just could listen to you
But the air is so thick with greed
That I could be hitting myself against it forever

Just fucking cannot!!!

Pretty problems
I cannot play these games
Whores in bright light
I cannot play these games
Unwanted children
I cannot play these games
The pity, the blame
I cannot play these games
Track Name: Grave Diggers
Is there any life left inside of this rotting corpse?
Where's the laughter that never came back?
Like the apple so bitter that it wets your eyes
Senses burning red, so hard to unlearn

Take a good look aroud, we're fucking far from alright

We seem to need a lot of protection
There's always something in the way of our kindness
New achievements to cling on
Like a salesman we're bound to believe in happiness
Through wanting and getting

Wanting and getting
Getting and wanting

You go to sleep with a headache
And wake up stressed out and tired
Feel the pulse but nothing more
As life slips through your fingers

It's you who suffers, it's you who carries the pain
It's you who sets the standards every day
Is there any life left inside of this rotting corpse?
Are you willing to break out of these cheap frames?

So many lights
So many lights to see it all
So many lights
So many lights to shut off

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