by Hero Dishonest

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released April 4, 2001


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Hero Dishonest Helsinki, Finland

Hardcore punk from Helsinki, Finland. Active since 1999.

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Track Name: For Myself
This one's for myself
Excuse me sir I don't like your taste
And I would like to get off here
It's my imagination, my prejudice
And the suit and tie that wear you so well

What do I know about you?
What do you know about me?
Still a cold world between us
When our glances meet

It's in your eyes, the growth of everything
The concept of corporate stategy
Based on nothing (but greed)
Devouring millions
Leaving the rest with scattered homes

What do you know about them?
Except that you can profit
From them
Who the fuck are you to tell
What life's all about?

Nothing in common
Nothing to fight for together
These times leave us
With nothing to share...
Track Name: True Beauty
Learned how to fear and hurt
To kill the beauty with words
Meaning twisted to mean nothing
Tradition, hatred, my silence?
To kill love is impossible

'cos there have always been those who do just what they want
There's always someone who loves just who he wants
Refuse to believe and deny the true beauty
But there's always someone to break your values

Every soul needs warmth
Every man needs love
Alone and naked it's all the same who we are
Hand in hand
Break the silence
This one's for the true beauty

'cos there's always enough courage if enough love
In every heart there's a rhythm that cannot be stopped
Refuse to believe and stay as you have always been
But no one's gonna ask for your acceptance...
Track Name: Me ollaan hissimusaa
So content with our middle class world
To consume the underground products
So predictable and easy
To know when to dance and sing and point your finger

We've become boring easy listening
You said it already
You said it already

If we stick only with one rhythm
We stick with one and nothing more to give
Predictable motion forward
Turns against, forward, backward…

One phrase, one pattern
A clone to consume the world
Rigid, vulnerable
A clone to consume the world...
Track Name: Syöpä
Se mitä kutsumme elämäksi
Ei kaukaa näytä siltä
Se mitä kutsumme edistykseksi
Ei voisi vähempää kiinnostaa heitä

Pakolla tuotu koskettaa kaikkia
Pakolla sytytetty on osa mainosta

Maailma pienenee
Kehitysmaat kaatopaikkana

Se mitä kutsumme tiedoksi
Ei luo merkitystä
Ja mitä nopeammin koemme
Sitä enemmän eristäydymme

Maailma pienenee
Taivas kaatopaikkana.
Track Name: Pleasure/Disgust
Electronic, plastic
Got a bag over my head
Welfare disease
Everything's too much
Burnt out and satisfied
Got a bag over my head
Pleasure, disgust
Everything feeds us numb

As we practise the modern art
Suicide (=genocide) of all nations
Everything becomes nothing
For this sickness there are reasons
For these pleasures there are options
Track Name: Force Fed Nothing
Been raised by the mass seduction
A dead cell for my every need
Been fed by the purpose of services
Against the purpose I fell hard

Submit, conform
A slave, rest of your life
And it'll be a lot easier
By-product for nothing
Picking up the pieces, grasp on to my sore sight
Force fed nothing
A dischord with everything you've created
(apathy as a virtue)
Force fed nothing

Give trust, get back what you deserve
Give hope not to feel incomplete
Contradiction between our every need
Against that I fell hard...
Track Name: Overcome
No I have never taken dope
I have never been at the bottom
Never lived on the streets
Never felt real hunger
I have always had a place to call home
I'm so sorry about your scars
I emphasize your suffering of broken heart
I will help you if I can to fix this mess
But don't ever scorn me by my background

Life's hard
I don't wanna make it harder than it is
I'm gonna face it just like it is
(I'm gonna face it and I will overcome)

What the fuck is wrong
Haven't I experienced enough?
You wanna be a tough guy
Well I never will
So is that bitterness, envy
Or just plain arrogance?
Can't hide yourself behind that rough camouflage...
Track Name: Fuck All Trends
I hate the smell of the cigarette
I hate that bored look in our eyes
Everything evokes "the looks"
Everything that I despise

Can't you find it?
Can't you find your need?
Can't you find it?
Wearing it out in a week

Fuck all the trends
All that makes us loose the touch
Fuck all the trends
The boring look in our eyes
Fuck all that makes us blind...
Track Name: We Give, They Take
Why do we do things we hate?
Why do we repeat the same old game?
Is it the freedom that we fear
Or is it that we can't even see it?

I try to focus on this
I try to keep it in my mind
It's perfect, makes so much sense
I try to be strong this time

Why do I do things I hate?
I'll save this life for myself
Is it the freedom that I fear
Or is it that I don't have enough strength..?

I try to be honest to myself
And i know what it means
I try to keep myself real
And i know what it takes.
Track Name: Sometimes I'm Just A Big Cock
Do you wanna feel it
How we spread your legs with our eyes?
Disgusting guy talk
But a part of me I won't deny

I'm sexual
How does denying affect?
You're sexual
Do my eyes make you an object?

Do you wanna feel it
How we undress you with our eyes?
Not ashamed, not too proud
Sometimes I'm just one big cock...

Does it make us all objects?

What's your picture
I wanna hear
I wanna respect
If I objectify I apologize
It's my body
My own sound
What's my picture
Want to hear
Want to respect
If I offend I apologize
I can swim
And I can drown
Track Name: Teacher's Just A Pet
They never told you
There waits a new world behind every closet
Another door in every room
Door for your own facet

Born concious
Free to learn in a box
Innocent joy
Free to laugh in a box

They never held you
Like we used to play on sand
Another sand castle crashes down
When you grow up...

What is the world like from which we shun our eyes?
What would the world be like if we wouldn't be afraid to choose?
We see things clearly with our own eyes
But form opinions just like we're taught to
Track Name: (Won't Be) Defeated
Misled, felt it again on my tongue
We're not excactly that nice we let assume
It's an easy way out to turn off the voice
That tries to find something real in this fucked up mess

Won't be
Won't be defeated
By desires of these shallow times

On our throne we lay, laugh and play
With our petty problems
Like kings and queens we dress ourselves
Reach deep down to our pockets to show how much we care...

By our shallow desires
Track Name: Enemmän
Jatka elämää
Jatka kuolemista
Päivä kerrallaan
Jotta unohtuis
Ootko tyytyväinen?
Olla enemmän
Onko mahdollista?
Onko muutakaan?

Mitä väliä on ajalla jos joudut sen muille elämään?
Mitä väliä on unelmilla jos ei niihin edes pyritä?

Tieto siitä ettei ehkä tule näkemään
Tunne siitä ettei tämä vielä riitä
Mikä saa jatkamaan?
Usko omaan unelmaan...
Track Name: Hidasta
Turhaa työtä
Vuodesta toiseen
Track Name: Hollow
Dear friend
Just ask how
I'd like to see us crumble back

To face ourselves
To face our trust

You'd never know
This repulsion
To rip apart that leg on the pedal

(To have) thousand knives sticking out
From my heart

My soul's been pierced
Like rock's been cut hollow.
Track Name: Rust
Every day
More and more insane
Is the cut deep enough?
No faith
No fear
Just distrust
Million stars
To light up tonight
And these roads
These roads lead nowhere

With this mask on our face we still carry on
With open wounds in our hearts we still push towards

Hold on to our realm
With a mad man's grip
All the lost worlds
Lie on our book shelf bleeding
In rust disappointment
In rust disbelief
Irony of this
In fragments of our relief...

As the shadows of our prisons fall down over us
To heal and sedate

The soil will leave us hungry again.
Track Name: Clone
You came
Came to this town
And found your place
Made new friends
All acting the same

Who will
Who will dress you now?

I hope you will not change

Watched your friends and people around you
Reflecting trends
And their ideals - do you
Turning into codes - wanna be a fucking clone?...

All acting the same
All acting the same
Do you really wanna be a part of that game?
Without contradictions
Just a fading trend for you and me
So find yourself
Think for yourself
Don't be afraid to show
What this means to you...
Track Name: Saarna
Sama veitsi leikkaa omaa lihaa
Mitä vaatii olla riippumaton?
Kuinka pitkälle olet valmis jatkamaan?
Kuinka paljosta itse luopumaan?

Enempää et voi vaikuttaa kuin itsees uskot
Voitko muilta vaatia edes sitäkään?
Vain omilla silmillä näet kauemmas
Millä hyvinvointia rakennetaan

Älä sano että välität
Jos et oo valmis mistään luopumaan
Älä väitä että välität
Jos et oo valmis tekojas muuttamaan

Elintasosairaus on perusoikeus
Tekopyhä maailma...
Track Name: If It's Not Just Laziness
What is it worth if our struggle becomes
A straight jacket for our bored minds
If it's just a separate act
To get the bad taste out of our mouths?

A threat to yourself
Or a threat to your own conveniences?

Equal rights and piece of comfort
Brings the right sense of responsibility?
Nonsense kills, yet enough content
A working class hero
A life well spent...

Dare to live and struggle forward
To your own dream
The impossible
Don't let this be just a separate act
To dance away the pain...
Track Name: Too Easy
Jerking off as a high point of today
Easy living gives no challenges
Frustrated by the world around
Boring life - someting must be found

Replacing needs, fill the emptiness
Caused by boredom and frustration
Try to live your dream
When you're not even sure of what it is

Losing my faith
Questioning the life itself
It seems there's nothing real to gain
Vain existence makes happiness insane
Futile struggle
And I get pissed off again

Keep on smiling, don't show it out
I carry on my foolish search for life
Artificial content, something to believe in
Maybe someday I will believe it myself

I need to feel me part of something real
Hardcore, punk?
Just struggling in a trap...
Track Name: Kulissit
Kato ympärilles, neonvalo loistaa
Coca Cola virtaa, mainos uppoo kansaan
Skidit kehuu kuiteillaan, isät tietokoneillaan
Lisää pitää saada, kuluttaa ja kuluttaa
Kulissit peittää paskan
Mikä vittu suomalaisia vaivaa
Apinoi tätä surkeeta ideologiaa
Joka rahaan ja ahneuteen pohjaa
Teennäiseen pinnalliseen paskaan
Kapitalismi haisee
Track Name: Jotain puuttuu
Juosten paikasta toiseen
Katki siteet
Kaikki yhteydet
Myrkyn niellyt
Mutta sovinnainen

Kyky nähdä kokonaisuus
Tekojemme kohtalokkuus?
Enemmistöön hävinneinä
Sokeina mielipiteinä

Paikasta toiseen
Etsien kiinnekohtaa
Valmiiksi rajattu
Jotain puuttuu mitä olemme...

Kesytimme vain itsemme.
Track Name: Guillotine
Hear our ugliness
Taste the fumes that lull our children to nightmares
On the fields of hatred
This caravan moves twice as fast as we need to

Would the sunset look more beautiful
If you knew it'd be the last time?
Would the water taste as sweet as the first kiss
And burn with the same desire?

Everything we gather and end up with
Just a reflection of how lost we are
Hands that once kept the flame alive
Is now pouring out all that we got...

If all this was over
Before we lay besides our loved ones again
Would we still cry out for our rights
And for the shelter
Swept away by the rain?
Track Name: Passion Denies What's Taught
Watched the stressed animal behind the window
What I can't hear is what I see
Witnessed castration behind the counter
What I can't feel is what I hear

To choose
Never encouraged
Denies what's taught
My own eyes and heart
Forget what's taught

(and the carrots are looking delicious)

This is my way
The way i'm gonna live it
This is my way to take a bite to live it

And if that annoys you
Well that's only your problem.
Track Name: Unity '99
Buy, sell, trade, consume
We got everything now
But what's the use
What's the use?
Only new hoods won't keep this scene alive

Unity '99
Never selling out the scene

What's the point
Why you're here?
Revolution looks nice on a patch
Can there be only one scene
With so different goals?...

Support the scene with your own ideas
Support the fact that we're all different
Where do you believe in?
Why the fuck do you even care?

Your trust is all we got
Your trust is all we need
Our trust is all we need...
Track Name: Don't You Fucking Get It?
So fundamental, yeah you know it all
But all you do is talk, talk, talk
I just wonder how hard it must be for you
'cos nothing's right, including you
Take a good look at yourself
Do you practice what you preach
Or is it just a fuck you attitude, and nothing more to give?
You lost already
Who's your worst enemy?

Don't you fucking get it?
No, I don't get it, 'cos I'm not that stupid

What does our raised fist has to offer?
Something to believe, responsibility?
It's plain to see the way we rebel
That's why nothing's right and we're all to blame
Build a throne that's too high to climb on
Will you cast the first stone
If you're the first one to be hit?
You lost already
Your worst enemy

Don't you fucking get it?
Yeah, I do get it, but I'm not that stupid.
Track Name: Exploited
Slept on floors
Passed out in the gutter
Read Bukowski
But it doesn't matter
What you're striving for
Self liberation
But to me it looks more like self destruction

Fighting the system by throwing up on it
It's your life, should I give a shit?
But you're not changing anything
Except your brain to slower one

We're the crew
The spiked hair
We're so sincere 'cos we don't care
We hate you
But it's just because we hate ourselves even more

Bought pre-packed
White, male & middle class
Compact disc and a t-shirt to change the world
Bill Gates layout for the earth liberation

We're the crew
The clean cut hair
We're so sincere 'cos we do care
Equal rights for everyone to consume more and more...

Yeah, this is the same song you've heard before
Yeah, this is the same fight you fought before

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