When The Shit Hits The Man

by Hero Dishonest

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released October 10, 2006


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Hero Dishonest Helsinki, Finland

Hardcore punk from Helsinki, Finland. Active since 1999.

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Track Name: Paskahalvaus Liukuhihnalla
Saattaa olla ettei tästä järjissään selviä
Sähköllä valaistaan
Esitetään vääriä johtopäätöksiä
Puhdistetaan korvat, vaihetaan lakanat
Ja tarjoillaan kuumia makkaroita
Paljon melua tyhjästä päästä
Katkotaan kieli kun ei sanat miellytä
Kauloina nilkkoina lihassyinä ja kohtuina
Omenavarkaissa, omaisuusjahdissa
Mennäänkö tässä perse edellä puuhun?
Kun lähdetään
Lähdetään saappaat suussa
Eikä niitä perkele pyyhitä
Track Name: Booger Man
No, we never learned to face ourselves
Just let it happen again and again
Long years between, shutting you out
Twist the story to wear my own crown

And now and now
Now you're back and everything falls out of place

Lost in weak attempt to bury what's good
And needs to be told, now
'cos we've been scared before
We've been scared before

You try and try
Try and fail on the wish of not hurting
The person closest to your fears...
Track Name: 180'
Two thousand words come off your lips and
I'm left with questions of no relevance
One hundred mouths yawn like cannons
Manipulate, twist the nerve 'til it snaps
Who is who in these shoes?
There's nothing inside my head
That wouldn't work upside down

No adjustments necessary
Dead start, dead stop
Maximum flexibility
Dead start, dead stop

It keep bouncing off the walls, i'm left far behind
How can you understand me so wrong?
Everything i say can first be screwed backwards
There ought to be a curfew for the shit
That comes out of your mouth

Turns into a chaos
With the right medication
Burns like a molotov cocktail in the wrong hands
How can you understand me so wrong?
Track Name: Crawl Song
Two seconds after the lights are turned on
Hammers inside my head they start
To kick the back of my eyes
With all the hate the way my life goes
With the pulse that blinds

From day to day, you crawl

Hate yourself for taking part
Wishing you'd die with the dirty boots on
The game is lost once you start to crawl
Wishing you'd die with the dirty boots on
Track Name: Between God And Chemist
Spit your black gut out
Slow suicide, years of waiting
Waiting for the body to give in
Your home, your bed, your grave

How many dark hours before the dawn

The light at the end of the never ending sleep
Is the life you wanted to be over
Daily dose prolong the wait
Glide away without dignity

Under wrong stars...
Track Name: Stalin vs. Hank Hardy
Did your shit turn green when you turned veggie?
Did it refuse to go down the drain
Smiled and waved hello, hello!
Loved to stick you up in the brown eye

(when you're) hands up, pants down
Stalin vs. Hank Hardy

You look like your face is stuck
Inside an asshole the size of a mule
Keep flushing, keep on pushing
Somehow they'll find the way back up...

In a free land
Where biking's revolutionary
My mom would count as a terrorist
Where postconsumer byproducts
Tick, tick — but never go off
So obvious, so goddamn obvious
Track Name: Team Neanderthal
Nice shirt, nice shoes
Head out of plywood
Stacked with quotes and rules
Stacked with quotes and rules

One point for anarchism
Minus seven for bad language
No strobe, no smoke
But warm ups and earplugs

Attack the toilets!

This is a punk rock show
Not a fucking cabaré
Did i pass the test?
Track Name: One Minute Silence For The Memory Of Captain Jack
Bigger the shoe the shorter the noose
Me salute you with this middle finger
What do i know about dying, dunno
My retirement plan is totally different

This zoo and all the replicas
And i'm left to wonder if I should order one more
Underneath the table

Bigger the noose the smarter the dudes
My ass as bullet proof as the future
What should i know about dying, i dunno
You start to smell and grow numb for the wait

Who still wipes his own ass now
Only thinks he wipes his ass in the future
(who controls the present now
Only thinks he controls the future now)
Track Name: Road To The Arctic Ocean
Good old days logic
Was in catch booms
And in the smell of manure
Now travels on 18 wheels
Canned, tucked in crates
Pulls teeth without slamming doors
Kills crop, frost - buries nothing more
Only if we were reprieved

The road to the arctic ocean
Canned, tucked in crates
A man sized hole in the ice
Small conquers, travel light
Track Name: B.Y.O.F.T.P. (Bring Your Own Fucking Toilet Paper)
150 hands raise, heads nod
Middle class is down with the plot
(let the boys have their fun
And girls take the pictures)
Well tanned moshpits vs.
Dietary supplement zine activists

Great, this city is sinking
While i'm still waiting for my mustache to grow
Raise the glass and follow
Drink up, drink up
Drink up and follow

No, no no no, don't believe the crust
Life ain't that bad, the sky won't fall
It's just too much d-beat, broken toilets
Bad attitude and a wrong diet...

I guess that's it, I quit
Cash is king and i'm a mere sock puppeteer
You and me would make a big baraboom
A hot dickhead and i'm all wet wet wet
Track Name: Deathwish
Dear passanger, I'm about to rip you to shreds
Sink my jaws to the hedonist flesh
And betray the individual
Your plague, my means to an end

Sit down, sit down and shut up
Deathwish, but not dying

Breathe and bathe and walk on the bones
That tore skies open for you
Wish it was painless
No knee shall bend for you anymore...
Track Name: Fist Song
Copy the bad bits, fire the anguish
The world becomes blue again
I'll leave you bruised and bleeding
And junior under the kitchen sink

I'll speak with my fists
'til you beg for silence

My family in me, sore adrenaline
World becomes shit again
A sixpack and a misplaced suggestion
Life becomes shit again

Rest never comes easy
How can you mend on the steps of coming horrors
(dumb grave for the words that never come)
Track Name: Count To Nothing
This is a dead end — empty your pockets
The barricades of have-nots
Slash the tires and cut through to the bullshit
Can you afford to hide it?

Count to nothing

Destruction's inevitable, abandon the shit
Start to walk the plank
Sharpen the knife to cut through the bullshit
The meek won't inherit shit
Not a god damn thing

This is a dead end — pop out the glass eye
The roadblock of have it all's
Chained to this wreckage — chained but not fooled
Plowing seeds of change to the worse
Track Name: If I Can't Drop Out It's Not My Revolution
The quarrel's done
The bloodied book of revelation
The book of all answers force fed to all
It's simple when benevolence smiles
From the barrel of the gun

In sixteen steps hundred years back in time

And who'll be the first to step off the wagon
And add to the sound of nobody walking
It's simple with somebody
Feeding your thoughts out aloud

March, trample, left, right...
Track Name: Great White Socks
All hail the grey water system
Pump the soap opera back in to the big pockets
Upstairs where there's tactics pondered
Recoup the spoon and make 'em great white socks wonder

Holy crap & bling bling & bad dialogue
And we have a winner: the society as it is
We got the elephant in pants
Conspiracy & chain reaction
The ones who voted for them must have been drunk

We need more folks with capes, folks with capes
With the ability to melt evil brains
We need more songs like "people are good"
We need more Lithuanian beer

Out of the frying pan in to the fire
Forgot a rotten egg between the hammer
And the anvil
Track Name: Monkey Song
The fight's not over, thanks for reminding me
Grind the teeth, jagged stories of how things should be
Now i count on things that come with the spring
I fought myself 'til i was sore

Poor excuse for petty theft

Our figures don't match, I'm a line pointing down
Small numbers and hand-outs
Though no demons inside
Just a couple of stinky monkees with cadillacs

Roaming in the jelly of the beast

Thumbs up, hats off, a pat in the back
I'm alive and well, though our figures don't match...
Track Name: Tuokaa Minulle Yksi Heistä
Paljon on saatava aikaan
Nieltävä tilaa hulluuden historiankirjoituksille
Vaihtoehtoja ei ole
Ei muuta suuntaa

Näillä käsillä tapetaan
Näillä sormilla kuristetaan
Riistetään henkiä
Kätellään miljoonista kohtaloista

Vielä on paljon työmaata
Myytävä aseita, puolustettava jumalan sanaa
Ihmisyyden nimeen
Mahdollisuudet käy vähiin...
Track Name: Humanity... What Fun!
An alpha male showing all the balls
But why won't the bird sing though you twist it's jaws
How bright are the fires of thought in the chain of command?

After the war world is a toilet
And we breed like maggots
After the war

Realize that we must be spent
Like the brainwaves that dissolve when a bullet is sent
How bright are the fires of thought in the chain of command?

Spit spit the ever bouncing check
Mate, you're in trouble like the rest
How bright are the fires of thought in the chain of command?
Track Name: Chicken Coop Tactics
We're zombies on autopilot
We're shoveling shit back into our pants
We're turkeys hailing for christmas
Experiment in between god and chemist
Piled for the one who'll cut the best deal
We're sheep with expensive hairdo's

Mouthful of wolves shit
Easy prey
Anything for gunpowder and liquer
For rubber bullets and tear gas
We're fucked, puked on - waiting it to dry
We're fucked
We're puked on
We're fucked

Boys and girls
Slow down, cheat
Fuck the mouthwash police
Bite the hand that shakes the hand that feeds
Track Name: Arm The Squirrels
Ladies and gentlemen
The reign of lemmings is about to end
Somebody armed the squirrels
And now they're waiting at the parking lot
...our parking lot
Singing how stupid we look in these boots

We should have heard them coming
Should have been smart enough to plan ahead
Shouldn't have kept the exit shut
When the alarm went off

We got 50 donuts and a bag of chips
Maybe if we just keep still they'll get bored and head south
Ladies and gentlemen
The reign of lemmings is about to end
At our parking lot
Singing how stupid we look in these boots

To the last burning ache of hope
My anger won't sustain the pain

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